Integration Project Manager’s Role in DD

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    Melissa Lehman

    What do you think the project manager for post-acquisition integration be? Should they have a larger role beyond being a participant to learn about potential challenges?

    Mark Butikofer

    During the DD phase, the onboarding of an Integration PM, is very beneficial to ensure they’re well acclimated to the strategy, the target, target & integration risks. Also, they can start to formulate a draft integration plan in the later phases of due diligence. I view their involvement during DD as being maybe 20% of their time and growing as the project heads towards a DD report out, and there aren’t major issues. Setting up a Integration Management Office (IMO), structuring the project, etc will take some time and can be started during the later phases of DD. On the flip-side, I have been irritated when a PMO wants to go full bore on integration planning, and we haven’t got line of sight to a definitive agreement (especially vulnerable in an auction – transactional deal). A lot of work effort can be wasted when the deal really is uncertain.

    Dana Hoernke

    I think the PM’s role has traditionally been a participant to learn about potential challenges. Instead of just being a fly on the wall to soak up info about potential issues, they should be more hands-on. They’ve got experience managing post-acquisition integrations, so they can offer some real valuable insights. Taking a more proactive approach can really help smooth out the whole integration process later on.


    The project manager for post-acquisition integration is essential for navigating the myriad challenges that mergers bring about. Their role not only involves managing logistical and operational aspects but also extends to upholding the vision and values of the newly formed entity. Effective project management is critical to transforming the strategic vision of the merger into a successful operational reality, making this role indispensable in any significant merger or acquisition scenario.

    Trevor Cassaberry

    The integration manager is in a great position to identify challenges post-merger. Some major conflicts that I’ve experienced are data storage and data management. Often there are no detailed and documented protocols to each group of data within each department. DD is a phase where solutions can be implemented on at least 1 organizations side to make the future transaction and integration much more efficient.

    This information could also affect the pricing of the transaction based on what changes each side is open to making before the deal.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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