Integration Planning with Insufficient Information

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    Erik Cornelius

    We have a particularly interesting edge case wherein we are taking private a public company.

    Due to UK take-private laws, any information disclosed in due diligence becomes available to any other bidder… which means there are some practical limits on what you find in due diligence, as you don’t want competitors to swoop in with a superior bid and kill the deal, but it *also* means that some key decisions around integration planning necessarily lag until you can get protected information. In a typical exchange between two private companies, we’d have a secure site where materials can be shared up until close… that’s much harder to negotiate here because of the particular nuance.

    Anyone have guidance or suggestions on how to adequately plan an integration pre-close when diligence information is more substantially limited than a comparable private-to-private deal?


    Ingrid Holbik

    That is very interesting and I did not know that about UK rules. In Canada, any diligence information though largely shared is not required to be shared amongst all the parties.

    One method; though largely inefficient would be to develop scenario based on the likelihood of occurrence. This enables some planning which can be further tweaked when the deal is finalized.


    Corynne Pierce

    That is a unique situation. IT all depends on what the expectations are for day one. I would try to schedule time with each work stream in advance so they know as much as possible and can formulate a list of additional information needed as well as the decisions that they will need made for their respective group and by what date. That way you can focus on the most important information first in integration.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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