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    Hi all,
    I am interested to hear how you involve your integration managers in the acquisition process (pre-closing). In our company we don’t have a dedicated integration team but we rather identify integration managers for each acquisition separately. This person is then typically the PMO manager during the acquisition process which ensures that he is at the very center of all discussions in the due diligence and is well-aware of all findings and considerations. This way we avoid having to hand over the responsibility post closing to someone who has not yet been involved. Interested in your thoughts!


    Bradley D. Soto

    Great question! We have an established IMO Leader who assigns a Lead for each transaction. This lead is advised on the Target company, apprised of the goals of the acquisition & assigned to Cultural DD with an HR partner. From the Cultural DD, the Lead will provide a report on their findings, as well as provide a list of key questions to validate certain financial goals & synergy target assumptions (based on interviews & discussions with members of the Target company about how work is performed, what makes the company unique, etc.). By doing this, the post-merger integration planning occurs very early on & makes setting up the integration workstreams more effective in terms of cultural dynamics that are known in advance & can be accounted for in the training/on-boarding of the Target & Acquirer company team members.

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