in your opinion: what are the challenge of post merger integration in the GCC?

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    Jubran Alshahrani

    With an outlook of increased acquisitions and mergers in the GCC, it is interesting to see what are the challenges and solutions in PMI.


    Silman Ondrej Dia

    Hi there,

    If considering GSC- cross border deals for instance the obvious cultural element would represent a challenge in PMI. This would depend though on how well this issue is anticipated during due diligence and of course the intended cultural integration. If cultural differences have been clearly identified along side adequate action plan then the PMI should have better chances of success. Some of the solutions would therefore be: thorough cultural assessment / evaluate cross border cultural differences / decide what to change, what to keep / engage in change management / develop new behaviour and working methods/ Review and measure progress.


    Christoffer Balieu

    This largely depends on if the deal is cross-border, as a domestic GCC-deal would not see the same challenges. If the deal is cross-border, then the most prominent issues would likely be cultural and political integration. As a solution to this, a thorough due diligence is needed prior to a deal to map out potential integration issues and the best way to address these. Also, during the integration process itself, it would be ideal to employ a local integration manager or team to help ensure a smooth and efficient process.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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