Impact of integration in a merger

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    Mohamed Emara

    Post-merger integration directly affects the success of a merger transaction. Fast and well planned integration is allowing the organization to attain the expected gains on both the short and long-term journeys, providing that effective teams are built for each process.


    Thant Coleman

    True indeed … a merger requiring an integration effort can not be successful unless the integration is also successful. What you’ve called the “Gains”, I call the “benefits” or Synergies. Integration is the effort that drives and leads and organization to the realization and sustainment of benefits.


    Nick Picone

    Agreed, a well planned integration plan, strong project management and implementation is key to realize the synergies. Understanding the human side of the integration is key to get over the hump of figuring out where everyone stands and how to proceed going forward. In my experience, everything takes longer and more effort to get through the integration plans because of the misunderstandings and underestimation of the tasks to be completed.



    Agreed. I know many healthcare organizations that years after the merger, the entities have not fully integrated in the the larger system, if at all.


    Andreas Pournos

    I mostly agree, keeping in mind that in this case a typical M&A strategy would seek for growth/increased value through the implementation of synergies. However, there are many cases, such as restructuring which accounts for a good proportion of M&A deals, that would be less sensitive or even totally indifferent for post merger integration

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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