HR Integration – Key to the success of a merger?

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    I want to ask everyone’s onion on the importance of the HR function in a merger.

    I have learnt / heard of many experiences in how HR is treated in the post-acquisition period,

    Overall, a HR function will likely be the most visible, and most accessible point of visibility for acquired employees.

    But – it seems that many organisations ar happy to make the acquiring HR function create an acquisition plan, which does not work well.

    How important does everyone think a high-performing HR function is, in small (sub 1k employees) mergers?

    I believe that in the SMB categry expecially a strong CS / Sales team is both essential, and sadly, probably over-ignored.

    Camilo Franco

    I’ve experienced this differently. Most of the targets we acquired were smaller firms, so our HR team would work collaboratively with the target’s HR team to develop a plan for integration, and then implement that plan in conjunction with systems. The acquired target would usually defer to the acquiring company for systems etc., but would be highly involved in the slotting functions and org discussions.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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