How to motivate the personnel from the new company

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    Mandana Javaheri

    How can we make sure the personnel from the new company are motivated and aligned with our vision and goals?


    Gina Miele

    I believe that one of the main drivers behind motivation and goal alignment is communication. If the acquiring company leadership can implement strong channels of communication, the personnel from the new company will feel more involved in the changes. Tasking (but not over-tasking) the acquired company’s employees with small portions of synergy creation can create a sense of ownership over these tasks, which can generate both alignment and motivation with the acquiring company’s vision and goals.


    Jason Kiang

    Vision and goal alignment begins at the due diligence phase. A cultural mismatch can difficult to address solely at integration phase. It can be useful to assess short-term remuneration incentives to promote alignment in the target company.


    I think yo have to communicate the purpose of the acquisition is for a better or to make the merge company become competitive and that will give a prosperous to al of the employees. By doing this they will be motivated to work together to give the best for the plan.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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