How to deal with a board of directors regarding the PMI process?

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    I’m curious what your ideas are coping with a board of directors regarding the process of PMI. For instance, when a board has build up a reference, by doing multiple acquisitions, they tend to handle PMI in the exact same way as they did before. When they are faced with facts that the acquisition did not completely matched their expectations, they are more likely to adjust their expectations instead of adjusting their PMI process. What are your thoughts on how to deal with issues like this?


    Mohamed Emara

    In similar cases, it is the company strategy that directs such behavior in acquisitions. Some holding companies are investing in such acquisitions and when they feel that the cost of the transaction will be higher than the benefit/expected gains, they step back to either avoid or at least reduce expected losses.


    Helen Moulinos

    I think every acquisition is different, even if the company is acquiring similar profile companies. As an advisor you can point out the differences, the risks and your recommendations.


    Jenny Ewen

    My thoughts are that communication throughout the process to the BoD is better than to leave things until later. Provide them with the insights of the differences right from the get go, be transparent and informing and advise on how the differences need to be handled.

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