How to craft an M&A strategy for a corporate?

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    Chengzhi (Roy) Chen

    What are the key components that have to be included in the M&A strategy?

    Let’s say if we are developing a deck to be submitted/presented to Group CEO or Chief Strategy Office to propose some M&A strategy, what are the key parts and analysis that have to be included in the deck?

    Pawankumar Sharda

    I am in a middle of an M&A process. We have done a lot of intense initial proposed valuation & comparative free cash flow. Honestly, we do not even know if this will go ahead, will be accepted by the Board. Still, I will let you some of the points that I feel should be part of the deck, though every company will customize theirs.

    First, it depends on what stage of M&A idea/planning you are at. Have you identified your target company or target industry? Is your target company your competitor, supply chain partner, different geographic location, or unrelated industry?
    Accordingly, your deck will contain material where you would present:

    Macroeconomic conditions
    Industry cycle & future conditions – declining curve or potential growth
    Company position & future conditions – Loss of customers, losing to competitors, growth potentials, etc.
    Your target industry & target company
    Synergies by merging two companies – terms of savings into various areas & growth
    (if combining of 2 companies, makes the merged company the largest player or cuts down the competition extensively, then what steps would be needed to pass anti trust)
    Valuation mechanism
    Our company valuation & other company’s valuation (estimated) if data is available
    possible ways of merger

    The main point would be to show M&A would strategically benefit the company to grow or survive in a difficult time.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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