How to best prepare your company for making new acquizitions

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    Some companies have a dedicated strategy to scale through inorganic growth, and when working for such a company you know that M&As are coming your way every now and then. But one rarely gets a heads up months in advance so calendars of all the relevant people in the organization can be booked and one rarely has unlimited time to make the necessary assessments of culture, synergies etc. once the target has been identified and negotiations are initiated.

    So how do you best prepare your own company for a good M&A process? Are there any internal assessments or standard plans you can prepare to speed up the process on your own (the acquiring) end allowing you to focus more of your valuable time on working with the target, identifying synergies and challenges and proposing ways to make a successful integration? and how do you prepare the rest of the company to take in new comers? can you create a welcoming culture and how so?

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