How much is too much communication during the M&A process?


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    Justine Vincente

    When communicating with employees
    1. when should employees be engaged?
    2. how much should be disclosed and at what stage gates?
    3. should all employees be engaged at the same time?
    4. is there a ‘right time’ to reveal the news?

    Saif Alnaimi

    1-When communicating with employees.
    2-Describe the reason for the merger.
    3- Address anticipated questions and concerns.
    4- Direct further questions and concerns to HR.

    Brendan Healy

    I don’t believe you can ever over communicate. Structured communications are vital to clarify what comes next in a merger, separate fact
    from fiction, and forge success for newly combined organizations.

    Peggie Chan

    We focus on creating targeted messages for key stakeholder groups. Start by identifying the stakeholder groups and what are their key interests related to the topic(s). Be proactive by asking for input from a focus group in advance, include their input re: topics of issue/concern in your messaging. While communication is critical during integration, “everyone doesn’t need to know everything.”

    Gavin Laws

    Think about your unique audience and how to address their needs. Your internal communication plan should be multi-tiered and intentional. It should add clarity, not confusion. Think about what each audience needs to hear and how it would be best delivered.


    There is something like too much information when the information is not structured properly and one item of communication (eg. email) will open more questions for the employees than answer. To not make the employees to anxious, the date for the next announcement/the next details should already be stated with each communication.

    Anandan Rajagopalan

    It is always better to communicate thru an email initially to all the employees about the M&A strategy, its value addition and other benefits to the existing structure. Then collate the questions/concerns from employees, then CEO to answer selectively thru virtually and this will address most of the communication issues with employees.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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