How has COVID impacted M&As in different sectors?

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    Srrah Algheithy

    In the history of M&As lesson we gained insight on how different eras shaped M&A activity either for the better or the worse. Undoubtedly, COVID has had a large impact on all industries and has reshaped how we do business and forcing industries to quickly adapt just to stay in business. Some industries have turned to M&As as a means to consolidate resources to maintain profitable and stay afloat and others have used M&As to quickly venture into new capabilities to stay ahead or adapt to the changing industry. For example, we see an increase in M&A activities in the technology sector with many companies venturing into the teleconferencing, unified communication services, and digitization capabilities as these have become critical for any company to operate in the post-covid era. How has COVID shaped M&As in other industries ?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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