Function Integration: Other topics to focus on?

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    Millie Manning

    I just completed the Function Integration course, which did an in-depth dive into integration planning for 3 different functions (Sales/Marketing, HR, and Finance). This gave me plenty to think about for those 3 topics, but had me thinking about how those principles would apply to other functions. In our standard integration plan, my company also covers the following topics: Legal, IT, Operations, and Overall Management. Are there other tracks that your company focuses on during integration? What other functions could use more thought?


    Fahad Aziz

    Integration focus must link with the value drivers and prioritize areas where value can be derived – one of the key areas is procurement where integrating the function brings multiple benefits such as savings through lump sum discounts from vendors, consolidated sourcing, warehousing, logistics and economies of scale through consolidation of distribution channels.

    Another dimension of integration is streamlining corporate governance by having policies, procedures and instructions aligned across business processes rather than looking at function: O2C, P2P, R2R, H2R, B2D, etc

    Trust this helps.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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