For which specific industries is Environmental Due Diligence needed?

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    Petros Lampropoulos

    Environmental Due Diligence is a process which is not regarded as a key DD process. For what type of industries would such a process be prerequisite for an M&A transaction?


    Kay Yong

    The palm oil industry and possibly other agriculture industries. Due to environmental problems such as deforestation, illegal land conversion, land-grabbing, loss of biodiversity, etc., governments in countries where palm oil production is high (like malaysia and indonesia) have in place certification requirements to regulate the palm oil industry and ensure sustainability. Due diligence will be required on companies bound by these regulations to ensure that the company has complied with the certification requirements.


    Awais Dilawer

    Environmental DD must be a pre-requisite for petroleum and petrochemical industries because it could threaten the life of people.


    Amy Stutzman Fortna

    It is key in the oil and gas production industry where risks include: oil and gas leaks, oil and produced water spills, pipeline/transportation ruptures, unauthorized discharge of toxic chemicals, gases, or other pollutants. Environmental DD includes procedures such as visits to well sites and taking soil and air samples to be analyzed for level of hazardous content.


    Thomas Teltscher

    In manufacturing industries, environmental DD is often crucial, especially when it comes to emissions and discharge material and the fulfillment of all related rules and regulations



    Mining industry where natural resources will be depleted.


    Sebastien Perroud

    If the target company is a supplier of German automotive industry, it is necessary to make an environmental DD. Many barriers are in place, but also many opportunities to obtain subsidies.


    Shari Natanael

    Pharma and research too


    Hannah Barber

    Pharma and oil & gas come to mind immediately in terms of environmental due diligence. There are a lot of legal, policy, and compliance requirements surrounding both industries, therefore environmental due diligence is key.


    Samantha Maraj

    I think environmental DD can be an effective tool in most industries, possibly excluding companies with solely online operations. For example, even financial service companies impact the communities in which they operate with their carbon footprint, paper usage, power usage, recycling policies etc.

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