ERP integration strategy, in-house or outsource?

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    Tyler Grimm

    As the title suggests, I’m interested to learn from others on strategy for ERP integration, as this is generally a piece of every PMI project in today’s era.

    In my experience, I’ve managed the strategy from a leadership level with directional decision making around ERP, and segment out as a separate function of integration. I’ve then generally leveraged a more technical resource or contractor as a team lead for ERP scoping and integration, which is focused around human capital and financial systems. Highly technical and rigid topics.

    Please share your approach. Outsourcing this function can be very cost intensive, if not managed in-house.

    Diego Kuonen

    I often collaborated with external resources as there was often a lack of necessary expertise or time available internally to ensure a successful integration within the allocated timeframe. To manage ERP integration, in my opinion change management plays an important part for the success. I experienced a lot of resistance from the teams where their ERP will be integrated into the new system landscape. IT specialists lose their sovereignty over their tools and usually are not that supportive in the integration process. Demonstrating the benefits and emerging opportunities of the new system landscape fostered team cohesion and collaboration, driving collective efforts toward shared success.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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