Employee concerns within an Acquisition

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    Jeferson Silveira

    I think that would be necessary to conduct an analysis of the acquiring company and the strategical/operational/cultural fit between both companies to submit an opinion.
    It would vary a lot.
    If the employee is seen as duplicate, he should worry about his job, but additionally, many opportunities may arise with the acquisition, mainly if the acquired company is a new market for the acquiror.

    Julien Cohen

    For sure, in such a case employees fear for their future and whether their position will remain or not. There might be a lot of side concerns: relocations, change of strategy and cultural fit. Even though I agree that communication should be key to limit those issues, we all know that communication remains one-sided and in lots of cases it happened something a bit (or totally) different from what was communicated.

    Erin Gray

    The top concern is always how their sales territory will be impacted

    William Bouwman

    Most likely synergies or stress from being in “integration mode” where many systems and processes are changed.

    Nicole Stuart

    Agree with the general consensus that potential job loss is very high on the list. Speaking more generally, I’d say uncertainty. This is an example of where good integration planning and communication can make or beak post merger success.

    Majed Abu Al-Faraj

    Having gone through the experience myself of being in a situation where our bank was being acquired by another bank, I think naturally layoffs, reduction in compensation packages does come to mind. However, for those that have been able to perform well and generate good P&L, another concern was around managing key client accounts as movement of clients is also something that tends to happen and can impact ones portfolio from a relationship management perspective.


    As some mentioned above, I believe that people are concerned most about how their work is affected, and how the process is changed, especially the decision making process. From this context, cultural differences might play an important role.

    Erin Gray

    Beyond job security in general, I think the big concerns revolve around what it means for their careers. Will this slow or harm their career growth?

    Belen Abente

    As an employee in a takeover, my main concern was about layoffs, changes in my job position/salary and new policies regarding the post-integration.

    Leah Roderick

    I think the largest concern is likely their future, followed by how disruptive the integration process will be internally.

    Kyle Sigmund

    Agree with everyone here about job security, so for a 2nd concern I’d say “change.” What’s going to change in their day-to-day. Is it the type of work they’ll do, who will the be interacting with, what is the change to the company strategy. People don’t like change, so definitely a solid option 2.

Viewing 11 posts - 16 through 26 (of 26 total)
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