Dynamic project management tools for integration planning

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    Joaquin Blanco Diez

    Any experiences in the use of dynamic PM tools (Jira, LiquidPlanner, etc…) during PMI? What are the main advantages compared to traditional methods (MS Project, Excel, ..)?


    Greg Jessup

    I do not have a PM background, but I am quickly learning. I have been working with SmartSheet and I love it. I can produce Gant charts, store attachments, communicate, assign dependent actions, and do so much more with it. I am just scratching the surface. Big plus was that I have fellow employees also using it and they have been able to support me as I learn.


    Hanen Dada

    I have used MS project and it is useful and most people understand it. I have not used any of the other tools you mentioned. will be very interested to hear from others who used them


    Manuela van Ulzen

    Doing a lot of project management I am working with an online tool called WRIKE.
    It is easy to use and easy to implement.
    It offers different views of a project (Gant chart, table, board or just a list of tasks.) when you assign a person to a task it goes into the to.do list of this person. As a project manager you can create dashboards which show you the status of the project, overdue tasks, etc. And you can also create reports and share it with people who do not have access to the tool. It is really great.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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