Due Diligence during Covid – Face-to-face vs virtual

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    While a lot of due diligence requires objective information (e.g. documents, financial analyses etc), cultural/HR type of “soft” due diligence is important to in trying to suss out the potential challenges in these areas.

    Would you think Covid, and the limit on face-to-face interactions, have an adverse impact on the cultural due diligence aspect of things?
    While it is still possible to interact with people “face-to-face” via Zoom and other virtual channels, but there still seems to be a gap when you cannot meet people in-person.



    I do think that face to face interactions and discussions do add the “human element” to a deal.
    We are in the process of assessing a target and have never stepped foot inside their facility. This pandemic certainly has remove some of the elements of a true DD



    I think that there is definitely an impact because face-to-face video calls can’t replace real life human interactions for 100%, building trustworthy relationships is more difficult this way.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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