Deal Speed – Matter of attitude/culture?

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    Gregory Weisser

    I am based in Europe and have worked within last 10 years on a couple of deals. US domestic only or German holding with int. business acquired by a Chinese conglomerate etc.

    Deal speed (driving on a deal, pushing forward etc to get it done) is also very dependent on the complexity of a deal, e.g.
    cross border topics, language constraints, different jurisdictions, int. tax etc – BUT I have made the experience that US companies/consultants/bankers (being the target or the acquirer) are always keen to get a deal done – the sooner/quicker the better. Comparing this for instance in Germany there is more safe harbor needed, triple or quadruple checking things before moving forward. Bottom line – does the US have a better deal culture compared to other regions?

    What is your experience and have you made similar observations?

Viewing 1 post (of 1 total)
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