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    Alexander Eck

    Hi, I’m interested in your belief or experience about numbers in deal flow. So let’s say you like to acquire a company a year, how many should you look at? And what tools (Websites, consultants, ??) do you use to broaden your access to buy-side opportunities?


    Good question – there are various ways to develop a good pipeline for potential deals. Some companies even have a “watch list” of companies they are interested in acquiring and selectively have discussions with them from time to time.

    As sources of deals, you can of course delevop:
    1) your own long list and short list of companies and have discussions
    2) reach out to advisors either that you give them a mandate for buy side, or that they know that you are interested in acquiring a business when they are mandated with the sale

    Of course filling the own pipeline (point 1) is worth a discussion too.

    BTW – Interesting would be also to see what is the ratio of discussion of M&A opportunities vs. deals where you conducted DD vs. deals that you actually closed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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