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    Ashley Sekeres

    “Culture is an essential part of sales integrations…”
    What are some suggestions on winning over your stakeholders and convincing them to believe that culture is essential?


    Ingrid Holbik

    One method is using experienced personnel to story tell and share their experiences. I agree that simply stating the facts and odds may not be a compelling reason to focus on culture.



    Emphasis to focus on cultural alignment should come from top leadership which leads to creating and implementing a plan to drive the activities to understand and adhere to cultural differences between the two companies. Focus groups, interviews, observations are the methods that can be used to understand what is important for employees from acquired org. Team building exercises in informal settings help to achieve the goal too.


    Brendan Healy

    I also wonder if the creation of culture ambassadors is an option. I have worked in businesses with strong culture differences being observed between different countries. To improve communication and cooperation, we formed project task forces that made up of a diverse team and they would spend time on a specific project across various manufacturing sites. These teams not only provided some excellent technical solutions to improve efficiencies in the factories, but also shared a lot of great cultural insights. This ultimately, led to a much deeper appreciation and respect across the teams and knocked down virtual walls that were in place.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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