Culture and change impact assessment

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    Jan Fees


    Do you have any recommendations on methodologies for cultural DD and change impact assessment for integrations?


    Christopher Twible

    Hi Jan, I think the best informal cultural DD is talking to people through the organization. As well as this reviewing recent 360 feedback for key managers and executives can give insight into the culture.

    Po Huang

    Suggest to look at their HR manual, corporate objectives, and values. Agreed with above to talk to the people to better understand their organization and culture.

    Megumi Hida

    Some HR consulting firms have their own framework and tools to assess cultures of buyer and target. The tools can help to visualize the major gaps and red flags. Change impact assessment needs start early -identifying key changes, assigning change agents and measure the sentiment of people.

    Chengzhi (Roy) Chen

    Other the above points raised, I believe one can also do some checks with ex-employees with the organisation to see what they have to say (it is much easier to connect with people today through platform like linkedin). Believe one can hear what he/she would have heard from existing employees.

    Camilo Franco

    Creating meaningful feedback loops with the targets employees is huge. The data you receive will give you a good pulse on sentiment and if any changes are needed to ensure a successful integration.

    Jimmy Carrier

    I’m currently working in an integration were differences of culture between 2 countries haven’t been looked at after one year since the acquisition. I just arrived on the new site and the first thing I was surprised about was how still, after one year, both teams don’t really understand cultural differences and the different perceptions each team can have of the other.
    I just asked an integration coach about any tool about culture difference, so here is the website if you want a look at different cultures between countries.
    This is a starting point. Like others have said, checking with employee really brings the knowledge of the different culture and sometimes, talking to other people who have done the same culture integration can give you some insight, but at the end of the day, each company have their own culture and it’s with building relationship and communication you can really get each other.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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