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    Markus Gustafsson

    Cultural fit between companies if of great importance, especially in the consulting business when the personnel is basically what you acquire. How do you conduct a cultural DD and how do you make sure the target company and the acquirer will have a cultural fit?


    Integrating companies and cultures are complex and idiosyncratic. Acquired companies often welcome more streamlined, efficient processes. But if the acquirer encounters substantial resistance, they can afford to ease the target company’s employees into new processes. If a strong culture is in place in the target company, the acquirer can introduce different values subtly and gradually.

    Meshal Alshammari

    I believe that Cultural DD should focus on the style each business is run. the evaluation should look into the decision hierarchy of the two companies and how workflows progress through the chain of commands. another key area is the work environment and work schedule. is the company employee-focused or operations-focused. last but not least, the two companies have to be in the same industry or complementing industries.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)
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