Cross border M&A.

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    Silman Ondrej Dia

    What would you consider to be the most challenging aspects of a cross border post merger integration beyond the obvious national culture difference?


    Jubran Alshahrani

    From some cases I have seen, the govening and managing to attain synergies from far and different organizations. Imagine a GCC company acquiring a target from Silicon Vally. While all stakeholders agreed and the deal went through, much integration is required to get the planned synergies. there is a time difference, culture difference, management preferences and association that can make it difficult to manage egos.


    Bianca Stafford

    When looking at some cross border, post merger integration scenarios in some of the African regions, one notes how in some of these territories, political uncertainty and unpredictability, corruption and bad governance can be a challenge to post merger integration. There are also requirements in some of these territories to have a local shareholding partner, which may in some instances hinder post merger integration.


    Suwinto Johan

    When I did the cross border, on top the culture, there are few challenges such as :
    1. Regulation of the country
    2. Accounting & Financial System
    3. Compliance issue of business process.


    Erik Cornelius

    It sounds silly, but time zone difference is probably one of the more challenging ones I’ve encountered.

    For us, corporate headquarters is in the East Coast, but most of our Execs are Pacific. When we acquired a company in Europe (GMT+1), most folks didn’t adjust their working hours… which meant that meetings could only be scheduled between 9am and 11am Eastern time without getting pushback from one group or another. When the US and Europe diverge on Daylight Savings Time (given that these now occur at slightly different dates), it wreaked further havoc on figuring out exactly when meetings were taking place.

    Knowing who’s going to be responsible for taking those early morning / late evening calls seems obvious, but in practice, your corporate culture may be less supportive of that than you realize…


    Anne Becker

    I’ve only been involved in one cross-border M&A. The biggest challenge was making sure we had the right consultants who understood the country specific laws, regulations, etc.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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