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    Seun Yakub

    For those who work in group/internal m&a, corporate development etc, do you have experience in all aspects of the business/industry you’re in?
    That’s to say have you worked in or have a good understanding of production, sales and marketing, finance and accounting, logistics etc?
    Interested to hear about people’s journeys into corporate development and if they have experience all over the business giving them the knowledge to spot a good acquisition target.



    Riccardo Scaioli

    I believe that this reply will main depend on the size of the company: larger companies or multinationals will have dedicated teams for sales, marketing, finance, so they will no require their team members to have additional skills in area not primarily related to m&a. A good level of finance is, anyway, fundamental for working in internal m&a or corporate development. A really good and capable employee, finally, who has knowledge of these additional areas, will definitely be an added value for their company and will be able to analyse the target from multiple perspective.


    MaryBeth Gallagher

    Dear Seun:
    I love your question as a company I know has recently created a Corporate Development Department with 4 positions which have been filled with 1 person from HR, 1 person from Finance, 1 person from QA, 1 person from Corporate Communications. This group reports into the CEO. There is a strong collaboration with other areas of the business, such that it is not imperative for the members of the group to have the experience. The interesting piece also is that they are not involved in the deals – that is done by Business Development. The PMI is led by Corporate Development, and so they are involved by BD shortly before non-binding offer is made. It works well because of the diverse nature of the people on the team and their collaboration with all the functions.


    Hi, the short answer is that I am not an expert in our industry but rather an M&A expert, if that makes sense. My journey was from advisory firm to corporate and I depend on many people in our global, regional and country business units to share their views and educate me on some matters of the business. Of course you learn as time passes, but I will never be a real expert of logistics (our company’s business), and I don’t believe it is needed. We have complementary skillsets.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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