Consolidations and supply chains

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    Paul Reed

    As fragmented industries undergo a rollup process from larger acquirers, additional opportunities can often be found in the supply chain.

    Optometry is one such instance. Over the past decade plus, retail operations have been rolled up by the larger industry players (lenscrafters etc.). However, with newer technologies, online platforms have begun to be able to provide a larger variety of frames, and as such, these platforms are encroaching upon the typical brick and mortar retail operations and impacting their overall revenues.

    My thoughts are that as a result, a consolidation will soon come among the manufacturers of frames; essentially, a vertical consolidation in the supply chain will occur to gain control of the offerings.

    What other industries do you feel could be ripe for such a consolidation in their supply chain?


    Chris Feguson

    Wondering what your thoughts are Invisible Braces companies. Invisalign was the main player in the space and now the market seems flooded with alternative, lower-cost, options. I’m wondering if manufacturers of the clear aligners will experience something similar as frame manufacturers?

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)

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