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    Ang Pek How

    Should a Commercial DD be performed prior to financial, tax, legal, HR and Other DD? Why?


    Suwinto Johan

    I think it should be performed at the same time. It is in line especially with the financial DD and HRD DD.


    Andre Hamilton

    I feel as though the transactions should be integrated together. Each sector is just as important as the next. Therefore, it is important that each is prioritized in a methodical manner.


    Matthew Au

    I think it should be done concurrently. In addition, after due diligence, I believe the company’s strategy team should continue refreshing the findings.


    Deepak kumar swain

    Commercial DD should happen parallel with other DDs .considering commercial DD is the evaluation of target company’s strategic position as well as growth prospect then its important to do othe DD when the commercial DD is in progress.


    I believe it would happen at the same time with other DDs. Since many deals are very quick, it does not seem prudent to spend a significant amount of time on the Commercial DD before commencing on the additional areas.

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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