Commercial DD- How do you evaluate the value of a company's brand?

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    Hannah Barber

    How do you evaluate the value of a company’s brand during commercial due diligence?

    Majed Faraj

    Before calculating your brand’s valuation, determine what the brand includes. You should consider the value of anything that consumers associate with your brand and image, such as your trademark, brand name, visual assets such as a logo or colors, unique marketing strategy, digital assets or licenses, and level of customer loyalty.

    Brand value is an essential tool for developing your brand and forecasting the value of your business. There are multiple ways to approach the valuation of a brand, and which method you choose will depend on your business, industry, and situation.

    Either by Cost-Based Brand Valuation,
    Market-Based Brand Valuation or Income Approach to Brand Valuation

    Kar Wee Pee

    Would I be right in saying that this is usually booked as intangible asset?

    Ali AlZahrani

    Hello Hannah, to value any business is always a challenge even for the business owners themselves as there are numerous factors influencing it. But in general it is a mix of science and art where three methodologies are useful in getting to the final answer:
    1. Asset based valuation
    2. Income based approach
    3. Market approach.

    Lyaysan Talipova

    the most effective method of evaluating brands should be considered the method of discounted cash flows (DCF – discounted cash flow). It is based on a direct forecast of future revenue generated by the brand

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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