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    Willem Moore

    The session uses a value chain analysis for analyzing the “business model”

    Do you have any other frameworks / toolkits to document business models. E.g. Business model Canvas ?

    Ahmed Fawad Muslim

    In Pakistan, I have not came across a framework or toolkit apart from the generic listing of the company and going through them one by one. However, I think there should be a software which can assist and make the process simpler and easy to follow.


    Hi Willem,

    Honestly, I find this slide on ‘value chain analysis’ to evaluate business model as a very practical one. The key aspects of this framework are assessing the degree of ‘Own Value Added’ and ‘Profitability’ for each of the value chain step. As we do this, especially from a buy side perspective, it will give us reasonably a good idea as to how solid the target’s business model is in terms of their ‘value creation’. In my opinion, this framework suggested is as good as we could possibly think of since it is very objective and removes the subjectivity.

    Hope this helps.


    Hi Willem,
    I find the business model canvas to be a great high level summary tool that aids in communicating a business model to a wide audience where some people may not have significant commercial or industry experience. While there is no template for this, I would recommend a detailed business model also for a target company that really goes into the value proposition of their portfolio, analyses how sustainable it is given industry changes and crucially, what it would look like after the integration into the buying company.


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Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)
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