Choosing The Right M&A Advisor

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    Christoffer Balieu

    What key aspects do you think a business owner should consider in order to employ the most suitable M&A advisor to sell his business?


    Poon Henry

    It depends on the size of the deal. Big four accounting firm and Ibank shall be among your top list of consideration when choosing M&A advisor.


    Jass Lim

    An advisor that personally wants both companies to benefit post merger, rather than to get paid.


    Terry Koh

    While track record and experience is a big considering factor, the chemistry and relationship between the client and the advisory firm is most important.


    Henrik Jernstrom

    I find that industry expertise is critical (if they have only sold listed mature industrials, it is less chance they will be good at selling a young private high growth software company).


    Mohd Hafizuddin

    I would say an unbiased and transparent M&A advisor.



    In my mind, it will depend on the industry, deal size, scope, and type of merger, whether it is a cross-cultural merger happening between international entities etc. On top of that, the credibility and experience of the advisor having done those types of deals is important.


    though brand name/big 4 firms will be the go to characteristics of each the advisor is important like being thorough, unbiased, familiar with specific industry


    Mengxi Li

    For the buy side, the fee structure is also quite important for getting advisor engaged and stay objective.



    I would go with a small boutique style advisor that has industry experience. Experience is obviously important. But going with a small group is also important because you will be a big fish in a small pond. The downside of this is that the advisor is smaller and has fewer reproduces.

Viewing 10 posts - 1 through 10 (of 10 total)

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