ChatGPT Influence on M&A


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    Corbin Metz

    How do you think the adoption & distribution of emerging technologies like ChatGPT will affect M&A activity?


    You will get great checklists. People will work like crazy to fulfill the tasks. And everyone will wonder Why on earth did this merger not work? ChstGPT has no sense of timing, motivation, mobilization of 100’s of people and most of all it has no soul – or empathy. Good luch to those who will try (and I am sure many will try to take shortcuts). Remeber PMIntegration is a profession.

    Leeanne Ang

    I think that it will be difficult for AI to replace the things that need to be done before a M&A, for example due diligence and strategy. whilst AI may give us good points to consider, it will still require the human touch and how to structure each M&A.

    Pang Lai Li

    Chatgpt can only provide general recommendations and guidance. The specificities of M&A are dynamic and challenging. It requires the team to anticipate, plan and put together a working, and it will need to be tweak along the way.


    That’s a great question,

    I guess like the others sayLike other people have remarked, ChatGpt might aid in conducting due diligence by providing more recommendations and a checklist, but the question is whether they can replace humans or whether only professionals who are accustomed to using AI technology would have an advantage over their contemporaries.

    Chengzhi (Roy) Chen

    I think hardly because there are too much people elements involved.

    Yeonlin Leonard Lee

    Gerhard has a great point, think its good for it to generate a checklist for us to have a reference but we shouldn’t just take it as it is.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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