Change Management.

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    Silman Ondrej Dia

    What would be the common pitfalls in leading change management during PMI?


    Renata Porto

    Poor planning, poor communication, failure to communicate the value of change, failing to proactively address resistance, poor leadership, slow decision making, lack of employee engagement, failing to establish and measure success criteria.


    Mateusz Młynarczyk

    All above pitfalls presented by Renata Porto are true, but in my opinion we should look for pitfalls at an earlier stage of change management process. The crucial point is understanding of the acquired company culture, only when we conduct appropriate investigation we could prepare an effective plan.



    Misalignment of leadership, failure to reach agreement on strategic priorities, no understanding on the status quo and new vision, failure to identify the risks during due diligence and coming up with a change management plan.


    Jess Munford

    I’m also thinking a lot about building trust with the teams who are executing in the integration, especially the acquired team. I’ve been looking for quick wins on the customer front to get the team excited to “sell” our technology. Positive feedback goes a long way in change-management with a new team.



    Common pitfalls include not planning for and including time/resources for change management, not spending time to align leadership first, not being proactive in anticipating employees’ concerns and how to mitigate and not cascading communications (i.e., so employees hear it directly from a manager/leader they know and respect. Thanks

Viewing 6 posts - 1 through 6 (of 6 total)

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