Change management vs Managing Change in PMI

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    Hi all,
    Can you share your experience in achieving a harmonious equilibrium between managing change (People) and change management (Process) within the context of PMI?
    Thank you!


    What is change? Change is going from the current state, into a transition state arriving at the future state. And to be effective you need to drive both the technical track and the people track. The technical track evolves around: Design x Develop x Deliver. The people track evolves around See x Move x Run.

    My experience is that the hard side of change is the soft side, and least understood.

    01. Ignite | Can you change what you can not SEE?
    ‘California is not an Island”. The Spanish for over 100 years believed that California was an island [google the history], and what is signifies for me is that we all have mental maps, and the longer we live those mental maps the more difficult it is for people to SEE world differently. Why? People know how things work, their maps have worked in the past!

    02. Liftoff | If people SEE, why are they not moving?
    In a nutshell, all human beings want to be loved, and all employees want to be perceived as competent. Especially in Asia where people don’t want to lose ‘face’, people rather continue to do the things right than focus their energy on what is right … change. Why? The first time we try something new, we suck at it. Do you remember the first time you were riding a bike? Have you started playing tennis? … humans require encouragement and positive energy to inspire them so they can achieve more than what they imagined possible.

    The great paradox I learned driving change in Asia … Going slower will make you go faster!
    As an organization you will suffer by training & learning, or by cleaning up the mess you created. Change doesn’t come for free!

    03. Velocity to Orbit | Even people who are moving might get tired and get lost
    If the above is not executed fast enough, and far enough into the organization, people will give up. Arriving and celebrating success needs to be driven with discipline & rigor until you have grown champions [and give them status] who feel comfortable training others.

    More than happy to jump on a call and share with people the scars I earned over the years driving change in Asia from Japan, China, and Thailand to Indonesia in the consumer goods industry.


    We are using the PROSCI-ADKAR model for the people change process.


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Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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