Change Management Critical Factors

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    Sonia Shah

    There are several critical factors that some say are what determines success re Change Management:
    1. Culture
    2. Communication
    3. Leadership
    4. Organization
    5. Policies and Procedures
    6. Employee Onboarding
    7. Incentives

    All of the above bounded by mission, vision, values as well as integration strategy. What are your thoughts? Are there anymore that we can add to the list?


    Chris Feguson

    Love the post. Celebrating successes as team can be a great way to springboard an integration. Its gives the NewCo and acquiring organization a chance to reflect on accomplishments and builds a culture most want to be part of.


    I do agree that communication which is strongly determined by culture, is the most important issue in change management. Clear goal description and perticipantes involvement in creating clear rules (procedures) is also a key factor. Of course talented leader is very usefull as well.


    As mentioned above COMMUNICATION is a major one with multiple sub bullet points underneath.

    -Timing of Communication
    -Tone of Communication
    -Who is delivering the communication
    -Has rapport been built by the person communicating, or is this their first time meeting the audience
    -Action items, follow-up, and accountability from the communication

    Such an important piece of the equation, and lots to think about on the topic!


    Tanaquil Chantrill

    In these COVID times, and seeing more remote working where conference calls has increased as a method of communication, I think leaders showing vulnerability and transparency and being less worried about polish during the change management process is important.

    Now more than ever we are seeing the blend between Social Conscious, Wellness and Work and Profitability collide. I heard the term Conscientious Capitalism – and I think it is here to stay. With all the avenues we have for seeking information and responding in public forums, information control becomes much harder to manage. Tie into that more people working from home so now the lines are blurred between home and work. In a change management plan, this has to be considered and adapt and respond to address this new way of communicating.

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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