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    Leslie Tan

    Hello, does anyone have recommendations for career opportunities in the M&A field? I enjoyed the content of training thoroughly but realized that the jobs are not as publicly available.


    Great question! A starting point would be with consulting businesses that have an M&A practice. This can be with firms both large and boutique. Without “marketing” specific names, many PE companies, CPA/Accounting, transaction advisory, and restructuring/turnaround firms have established practices that support this. Especially with the restructuring firms, since carveouts are a common remedy for a distressed entity, they do quite a bit of M&A work. PE companies are always acquiring and selling businesses as the foundation of their revenue model. If you are looking to start a career in this space, those are areas I would highly recommend targeting.



    Medium to Large Home Health Agencies tend to have M&A practices. There are a lot of mom and pop size businesses that are being acquired by bigger companies because they want to gain control of the market. This industry is also gaining momentum due to the health benefits of having patients remain at home or receive home care instead of staying in hospitals.


    Steve Schwarze

    This is an interesting question for me because I am someone who is performing M&A integration duties as my “second full time job.” I am a content development manager by profession for the past 30 years and am just moving into M&A Integration work in the past year. I have plenty of opportunity to work on integration as my company has acquired 19 companies over the past 2 years. My initial duties are to get integration functions moving towards a minimally viable integration state for new acquisitions. Other duties then become to take several of the “older” integrations that are at an MVI state and move them towards a Fully Integrated State. I envy the full-time integration person we have who can dedicate all of his energies towards integration duties while I juggle integration duties with my day job. Having said all this, while I see that being a full-time dedicated M&A person would be ideal, you can go a very long way by adding your strengths and knowledge in PMI on top of whatever day job you hold.



    Try to gain as much experience as possible in a corporate setting to gain exposure to M&A work. Most corporates have a department looking into it. Can always lend a hand in many aspects such as accounting, risk management, technology, IP etc.



    I’ve noticed in our corp dev/ M&A department, many of the resources have financial, legal, data analysis and project management backgrounds. If any of these fit with your education or experience, it may be a good path to follow.

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