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    Kevin Mabley

    Hi all – does anyone have recommendations on good career opportunity forums in the M&A field? I’ve enjoyed the IMAA courses and am looking for companies or types of companies and the relevant positions that folks in this community have used as a career resource.



    I would echo this post. It seems like any time I look for careers in M&A it’s in Investment Banking. I’d more more interested to learn about post merger/cultural consulting type of jobs. My company has a team called “Transition Services” but they are hyper focused on the transition of retirement accounts only. I’d like to find something working to find synergies, using consultative techniques.


    Mihajlo Buljcik

    Hi Kevin, good question, also interested to hear more on this.


    In Malaysia, mergers and acquisition skills are extensively being used in the business development division of every company. I am in the automotive industry of Malaysia and all down line activities are research to increase revenue of the automotive companies. If there are businesses that are for sale, I am interested to purchase for my company.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)

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