Can you trust business broker DD?

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    In acquisitions, the target company may often have business brokers or (agents) who are selling the company on their behalf. Given the extreme variance in requirements to become a business broker across the world in terms of: qualifications, skillsets, monitoring etc. As an acquirer, to what extent do you trust figures that are provided by a business broker who claims that they have conducted thorough DD on their client?


    Paul Reed


    I have serve as an business intermediary/broker for over 5 years now and would agree the qualifications for this industry are minimal at best and there are no self regulating organizations.

    Often these business broker positions entail simply attending a short few days of corporate training to give an overview of the transaction process.

    Intermediaries without additional education in the M&A or in financial analysis are not prepared to conceptualize or provide due diligence outside of a generic report on the business.

    Further, no intermediary should claim they have conducted a formal due diligence on any business.


    Clifford Newton

    Agreed. Do it yourself or don’t do it.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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