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    Erika Tedesco

    I am interested in any feedback regarding garnering interest of companies to acquire. In my experience, a high cash flow with low overhead expenses keep a business ripe for an acquisition. Any other suggestions or experience prepping a business to be acquired?

    Haya Zaah

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    Nicole Stuart

    I work on the other side of the equation and have found that many firms have successfully propositioned themselves for purchased through established third parties in their industry. This is more to get the conversation started, which can be very challenging. The prospect would still need the attributes you mention for a deal to move forward. The other item I’d add to your list a differentiator. What do you do that no one else does at all or as well? Are you filling a gap or introducing something new? Having this story well defined and supported can make a big difference in showing your value.

    Frederik DW

    In essence, some of the same principles of looking for an acquisition target apply to companies wanting to sell.

    – Assess your current position and evaluate the overall trends in the market (e.g. consolidation happening?)
    – Re-evaluate your strategy and clearly outline a short, medium and long-term plan.
    – Improve your financials (working on cashflows EBITDA, working capital, cash and debt)
    – Streamline operations and make it attractive for strategic buyers to plug & play in their organisational structure.

    Other elements relate to improving Culture, your sales team or proactively protecting IP to surge the potential acquisition price.


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    walid ardhaoui

    In addition to what everybody else wrote, the seller should consider investing in seller due diligence. This will give the opportunity to address any weaknessess before starting a process. Furthermore, the process will be accelerated and less intrusive for the seller with less (repeat) due diligence requests on short notice.

Viewing 7 posts - 1 through 7 (of 7 total)
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