assignment 1 for M&A Types

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    Stephan Ullmann

    Dear all

    I’m starting the on line course. In M&A deal types, the 1st assignment is not clear to me. Where can I find examples of acquisitions with all related term sheet information?

    See below description of assignment 1

    Thank you
    Stephan Ullmann, Geneva, Switzerland

    Dear participant,

    please take a look at an acquisition which you are interested in and explore:

    What type of M&A deal was it?
    Please put together a term sheet (please see additional Information in the “Document for Assignment 2: Term Sheet”)
    Describe what information you can find about the M&A process?

    Philip Gamger

    I was recently looking for an author to help with the design of my lab report, but I haven’t found any who would really help. I have to turn it in soon and I don’t know what to do.

    brent harvey

    I recently completed Assignment 1. It was helpful to find an acquisition between two mid/large publicly traded companies that occurred in last 5ish years. This type of example will have press releases, news, and trade articles to provide insights. Also, insights on the deal can be found in their SEC filings.

    Bruno Turqueto

    I am not sure about switzerland, but in Brasil when a Public Listed company intend to do an acquirition it is necessary to do a public release with financial and strategic information related to it. I fount it one of these releases.

Viewing 4 posts - 1 through 4 (of 4 total)
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