Assess Company's Readiness to Address Complex Integration Projects

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    My current company is not in a position to take on any integration project. Being a rural care provider, it has very limited resources that are already stretched thin and would not be able to give it the attention it would deserve while also maintaining business as usual.


    Maria Villanueva

    The M&A team should go back and assess how to best realize the ROI from the acquisition. This entails understanding the risk of not performing a full integration. It may be that a very light integration is sufficient and that autonomy would be the best strategy to gain the ROI from the merger. For a light integration, elements will still need to be identified as to what this means (e.g. logo, select IT systems, etc)


    Beckie Callahan

    Would the rural care provider be a suitable target if its resources are too limited? Perhaps the acquirer can add on some resources to create synergies, but it depends greatly on how your company is structured and if management is interested in selling. I work for a giant tech company who buys companies and hires contractors to sort out the integration pieces sometimes considering integrations vary so widely. I understand how it feels when there more work than people to complete the tasks well.

Viewing 3 posts - 1 through 3 (of 3 total)

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