Aligning Benefits & Reward Structure

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    Frederick Byrne

    How difficult is it in practice to align benefits and rewards structures across entities who may effectively be wide apart in pre-merger levels?


    Melissa Mason

    In my opinion this can be a difficult task. The best approach is to conduct a complete analysis so you know all the benefit details, structures, costs, timing and gaps etc. Then determine a go forward plan. For example, in the last M&A we outlined any immediate changes or concerns and then what could remain as is. After this we outlined a phased approach to align the benefits and compensation programs. We then communicated this timeline to the employees so everyone could plan accordingly for any changes or updates in benefits.


    Matthew Au

    It is important to model out “total rewards” and how we can truly ensure total package = total package. You can look at the breakdown between comp, benefits, earnouts see where you can increase/decrease the awards as it aligns to your budget.


    Andre Hamilton

    The reward structures are important, but sometimes tricky to quantify. A detailed analysis would need to be done prior to the planning phase. The results of this analysis would need to be used throughout the integration process, leading up to the merger. There would need to be succinct tranches of benefits regarding, overall comp, bonus, etc. The key here is to be as communicative as possible and map out the timeline.



    How would you approach this if you are buying a company with a lower headcount that has a higher compensation and benefit structure?

Viewing 5 posts - 1 through 5 (of 5 total)

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