Agile, Traditional, or Hybrid Project Management and SaaS PMI Platform?

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    Andrew Chow

    What do your organization leverage as a project management technique within PMI activities? Do you find using a SaaS specific to support sourcing through integration activities in M&A valuable?

    I have found applying a mixture of agile and traditional techniques seems to the most flexible approach. The challenge, however, is that we do not have dedicated resources in M&A. BU general managers are typically the Workstream Leaders in our virtual Integration Management Office led by Corp Dev. None of the BU Workstream Leaders or participants are trained in Agile or Traditional Project Management, so as an example, the concept of creating and maintaining a Gantt is completely foreign to them. We do hold scrum weekly’s and focus on areas of concerns/issues followed by planned activities. Items completed (aka, checking the box from the originating plan) are captured on the weekly status that each Workstream updates. Workstream Leaders are encouraged to conduct impromptu workshops with other Workstreams to come to the Scrum with options to an issue so we can all agree to a direction/solution.

    Ian Smith

    For me it is what is most accessible / easy to understand to the team involved in the merger – traditional all the way for me – you will likely need to ensure that all team members understand the PMI methodology and requirements for certain governance and processes. I have found that taking e.g. Agile – you may have to spend time / money to get people up to speed.

Viewing 2 posts - 1 through 2 (of 2 total)
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