Acquisitions in 2021

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    Which industry would see the highest number of M&A acquisitions in 2021?



    Likely the tech companies and banking/fintech, in my opinion


    Amy Stutzman Fortna

    Oil and gas should have some if commodity prices continue to increase. Consolidation is needed in this sector.


    Ian Smith

    Hi All,

    O&G specifically is a good one – agree consolidation is needed. This will likely be the NOC’s / drillers and value producers than the major IOC’c as they are even stating how they are winding down production and spending on more greener energy production, opposed to fuel production.
    The energy sector as a whole will see another wave soon and specifically Solar and on-shore Wind will have the highest in deals and a knock-on-effect to power infrastructure (Storage, T&D) will follow.



    Hannah Barber

    Right now you are seeing a lot of activity in the tech industry primarily followed up by the pharma industry in 2021.


    Edwin Ng, CFA, CA

    In Singapore, there may be an uptick in outbound M&A due to the introduction of the Variable Capital Companies Act (VCC) in Jan 2020. Fuelled by the MAS grant scheme, which subsidises the costs of establishment or re-domiciliation of funds, fund managers in Singapore are strongly incentivised to co-locate their funds in Singapore. The increase in activity in the funds’ space may well lead to an update in M&A activity in Singapore.



    Technology companies would likely see the largest amount and number of M&A followed by pharma companies due to the global pandemic.



    From the trends so far during Covid, Healthcare and Tech seem to be the two industries. Those companies who want to create significant long-term value post-COVID-19 will start looking for acquisition targets to buy. This is the perfect time to buy as the market is volatile because of the uncertainty and the interest rates are at historic lows, which should then make more funds available for acquisition. EV market is another big one and a lot of ancillary industries around it are showing a need to raise capital and a merger through SPAC is becoming a great proposition for them.


    Yoke Chang Tan

    I thought the airline industry. We may start to see more low cost carrier exiting / acquired by full cost carriers


    Kevin Ng

    I think tech firms will see the most m&a, given the high valuations at the moment


    Samantha Maraj

    Certainly Tech, as many firms are using M&A as R&D and seeking to access technologies they don’t have inhouse.

    Possibly there may be an uptick in the tourism industry, including airlines, as the continued reduced activity results in consolidation.

    I think this is likely in retail as well.


    Shari Natanael

    tech (IT) and biotech likely to soar




    and SPACs in general, I believe.



    As many companies are working on the readiness post-crisis, and currently, the M&A market is super warmed, with tech and specialized digital companies presenting higher valuations and acquirers willing to pay premium prices for them.

    From the acquirer end, I see Financial Services and CPG as investing more in building this digital capability through acquisitions.



    Healthcare industry?

    Companies are now consolidating in offer to increase their specialisations and offer a one-stop shop

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