Reply To: FDD & HDD


Justyna Nascimento

Hi there

There are a lot of generic ones you can find on line.

I cant rememeber where i got mine from. it was about 200 questions. I can share with you my generic list if you give me your email address

I have learnt a lot from it:
1. Not all queastions suit all – it was offensive to the client if the list was not adjusted to reflect their company, i.e. asking one man band company- what is your environmental audit procedures like was not appropriate
2. it has to be adjusted to reflect laws in each country, i.e. what is your AML number is not applicable to Moroccan companies where AML is not required
3. It is great to start DD of small companies by an initial telephone call. It makes the process more approachable in terms of admin for the party in question. The questions may look more difficult than they really are

Good luck

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