Executive Education

We offer M&A trainings and workshops for executives worldwide. You can choose between our open programs or individual offers of tailored M&A courses and coaching for deals. If you cannot attend one of our on-site programs, you can pursue them online.

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What do we offer in executive education?

Our offerings are suitable for an audience with no or little background in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) all the way to experts with a wealth of experience in M&A. The trainings have been taken by owners, non-executive and executive directors, general managers, functional specialists (e.g. Finance, Human Resources, Purchasing, Operations, M&A, etc.) as well as regulators and government officials. We can assist you in improving the whole M&A process from Strategy, Deal Pipe Line, Due Diligence to Post Merger Integration and Knowledge Management. We support you to strengthen your inhouse capacity and capability across functions, business units and countries to prepare you to make successful deals. We create awareness for the challenges in transactions and how to find solutions.

Tailored Training

With our unique faculty, experts and mentors we offer standardized and tailored trainings all around the world on various aspects of M&A. For example we have delivered specific training for various industries such as banking, energy, industrials, media & entertainment, and oil & gas.  Also, we have special trainings to prepare various functions like “M&A in Human Resources”. If you would like to discuss your needs, please reach out to us.

M&A Online Education

You can take our certificate programs online, start them anytime and finish them at a pace that suits you:


Our faculty and experts also provide one-to-one to group coaching for people and teams facing new M&A situations and challenges in their strategy, buy-side or sell-side activities. We brief, explain, train and assist you with unparalleled independent advice and opinion. Please do not hesitate to  contact us, we also do sign NDAs to safeguard your interests.

Open Programs

We offer programs that are open for enrollment all year round, to people at various locations worldwide. Some of our next trainings offered are:

Upcoming – M&A Certificate Programs Onsite

IM&A Certificate

20 – 24 November

IM&A Certificate

12 – 17 February

Upcoming – Open M&A Trainings

Prof. Aswath Damodaran

Valuation Training
7 & 8 November

Prof. Aswath Damodaran

Valuation Training
9 & 10 November

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