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Offerings in M&A Executive Education

Our offerings are suitable for an audience ranging from no or little background in Mergers & Acquisitions (M&A) all the way to experts with a wealth of experience in M&A. We can assist you in improving the whole M&A process from Strategy, Deal Pipe Line, Due Diligence to Post Merger Integration and Knowledge Management. We support you to strengthen your inhouse capacity and capability across functions, business units and countries to prepare you to make successful deals. We create awareness for the challenges in transactions and how to find solutions.

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Executive education for Mergers & Acquisitions is available in different formats.

Open Programs

We offer our certificate courses, M&A master classes, valuation trainings and other programs that are open for enrollment in many locations worldwide. A list if provided below.

Online Programs

All of our M&A certificate programs can be completed online. You can start the certificate programs at anytime and finish them at a pace that suits you. Explore our programs and designations.

Inhouse Programs

Our standard programs are also available for a closed group of participants organized for a company inhouse. This can be either a certificate program or a tailored program (please see below).

Tailored Trainings

With our unique faculty, experts and mentors we do not only offer standardized programs, but also tailored trainings all around the world on various aspects of M&A. For example we have delivered specific training for various industries such as banking, energy, industrials, media & entertainment, and oil & gas. Also, we have special trainings to prepare various functions like “M&A in Human Resources”. If you would like to discuss your needs, please reach out to us.

Who Attends?

Get an impression from your fellow participants’ experience.

Our trainings have been taken by owners, non-executive and executive directors, general managers, c-level executives, functional specialists (e.g. Finance, Human Resources, Purchasing, Operations, Strategy, M&A, etc.), lawyers, investment bankers, management consultants as well as regulators and government officials.

Upcoming M&A Trainings

While many programs are available also online, the following trainings on Mergers & Acquisitions are offered onsite. If you attend an onsite training, life-time access to the most current online version is included.


International Mergers & Acquisitions (IM&A) Program
(featuring Prof. Damodaran for valuation)
21 – 25 January 2018
more information

Colombo, Sri Lanka

Valuation Training with Prof. Damodaran
22 & 23 January 2018


International Mergers & Acquisitions (IM&A) Program
12 – 16 March 2018
more information


International Mergers & Acquisitions (IM&A) Program
09 – 13 April 2018
more information

New York

International Mergers & Acquisitions (IM&A) Program
18 – 22 June 2018
more information


Certified Post Merger Integration (CPMI) Program
25 – 29 June 2018

Testimonials from the Participants

Hear from past participants or explore our whole collection of participant testimonials.

Martha Ross, CPA

Owner of
Consulting Firm for CFOs

“I came to this course because I was looking for something unique, that wasn’t a one or two year commitment, that would give me a comprehensive overview but not just theory. That would give me real world experiences and also contacts in the industry.”

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Janette Kolega Prior

Marketing Strategist at
Kolega Marketing

“The Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions, and Alliances also serves as a think tank where I can benefit from the experience of my peers and we can help each other lead better M&A outcomes.”

Find Janette on LinkedIn

Rodrigo Tona

Chief Executive Officer at
Termeoncogibles SA de CV

“There’s much more into it on the planning side, strategy side, and in the execution and in the post-merger integration, where the real value comes into play. So, I think its a great course for anyone at any stage along the whole M&A process.”

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Materials and Resources

In addition to the mandatory readings provided my IMAA, you will also gain access to our complementary e-library.

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