Value in Due Diligence: Contemporary Strategies for Merger and Acquisition Success


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Authors: Ronald Gleich, Gordana Kierans, Thomas Hasselbach

Publisher: John Wiley

Year: 2010, October

ISBN: 978-0566089824


The financial crisis of 2008 has thrown many of the mergers and acquisitions of recent years into sharp focus. Too many have failed to generate real value for shareholders and many others have only proved lukewarm successes. Although it is impossible to assess accurately the extent to which these failures may be the result of poor planning and execution, they have raised considerable questions about the process, breadth and effectiveness of traditional due diligence activities. Value in Due Diligence explores new applications for due diligence including areas such as corporate culture, social responsibility, and innovation. It also examines the due diligence process itself to draw out those elements that provide effective risk and opportunity management as opposed to simple compliance.

Table of Contents

Strategy Development and Target Identification

Due Diligence on Strategic Fit and Integration Issues A Focal Point of MA Success

Maximizing the Impact of MA Controlling Due Diligences Link to Corporate Values Practical Experience from the Consumer Goods Industry

Accounting for Real Options in the Due Diligence Process

Due Diligence and Results Evaluation

Marketing Due Diligence

Marketing Its Valuable Role in the Due Diligence Process

Innovation Capability Due Diligence Investigating the Innovation Capability of Companies

IT Due Diligence Why Information Technology Can Make or Break a Deal

Due Diligence on Young Companies A Case Study

Deal Negotiation and Post-Merger Integration

Redefining Due Diligence to Jump Start Effective Integration

Integration Due Diligence Setting the Stage for Value Creation

The Attributes of a Successful Acquisition Leader

Post-Merger Growth Due Diligence


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