Best AI Tools for M&A Legal and Compliance

Best AI Tools for M&A Legal and Compliance


Leveraging advanced artificial intelligence, these tools streamline legal and regulatory compliance processes in Mergers and Acquisitions (M&A). From contract analysis to regulatory adherence, these AI solutions enhance efficiency and accuracy, ensuring that the intricate legal aspects of M&A transactions are seamlessly managed.

Best AI Tools for M&A Legal & Compliance

AI Tools in This Category

Accelerate Document Review with Contextual Search

Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence redefines the way legal and compliance professionals handle contracts. This AI-powered platform, meticulously trained by Practical Law attorney-editors, offers a swift path to contract insights, enabling informed decision-making, risk mitigation, and cost savings. Spend less time sifting through contracts and more time taking action.


With Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence, you can rapidly search through hundreds or even thousands of documents in minutes. Say goodbye to simple keyword searches and embrace highly accurate results that consider the context and intent of the text itself. Customers experience a reduction of over 50% in the time spent on information retrieval and review, allowing them to act swiftly on business imperatives and ensure confident drafting while mitigating risks.

A Game Changer for Legal & Compliance

Thomson Reuters Document Intelligence is a game-changer for various sectors. For law firms, it enables delivering prompt and thorough counsel, identifying risks early, and reducing unbillable hours. In-house counsel and legal operations teams benefit from time and cost savings on contract review and data extraction, empowering them to optimize revenue and enhance departmental value. Corporates across industries, from energy to finance, can effortlessly manage obligations, dates, and deadlines, automating the review of expirations and renewals with ease.

Key Statistics

  • Document Intelligence customers enjoy document retrieval and review that’s 50% faster compared to manual methods.
  • Over 15,000 hours were dedicated to training and maintaining AI models during the last six months of 2022.
  • Thousands of provisions can be identified and extracted through domain-specific models designed to work seamlessly within your industry or legal practice.

Revolutionizing Contract Review with AI

ThoughtRiver’s Contract Acceleration Platform (CAP) is at the forefront of AI-driven contract review solutions, setting new standards for the industry. Renowned for its exceptional precision, this advanced AI tool for legal compliance swiftly evaluates contracts and identifies potential risks, performing these tasks up to 66% faster than manual reviews. What sets ThoughtRiver apart is its holistic approach; it allows users to organize and strategize around flagged risks, creating a central and shareable to-do list for every negotiation. Collaboration is made effortless, enabling users to work seamlessly with colleagues and maintain version control. Redlining contracts is simplified with the inclusion of advice notes and clause suggestions. Beyond this, ThoughtRiver transforms contracts into a searchable database, unlocking valuable business insights and sales opportunities.


ThoughtRiver’s commitment to unmatched accuracy and efficiency is underscored by its vast legal knowledge base, meticulously crafted through the input of legal experts who have devised over 1,500 pre-trained Lexible questions. This ensures precise and reliable contract analysis, paving the way for well-informed decision-making. By harnessing advanced natural language processing and machine learning algorithms, the platform rapidly extracts crucial information from contracts and pinpoints critical risks. The flexibility to create custom AI playbooks empowers businesses to automate the identification of specific clauses, obligations, or risk factors unique to their operations, streamlining contract management and enhancing overall effectiveness.

Latest Features:

  • Familiarity: ThoughtRiver’s AI tool for regulatory and legal compliance provides invaluable insights into how contract provisions stack up against contracting history and market norms, fostering confidence during redlining and negotiations.
  • Digital Issues List: It marks contract risks as issues to resolve, forming a clear task list for reviewers to collaboratively work through and share.
  • Collaboration Tools: These tools facilitate easy sharing and interaction on contract issues among colleagues, increasing stakeholder visibility, satisfaction, and buy-in.

ThoughtRiver’s Contract Acceleration Platform (CAP) doesn’t just review contracts; it revolutionizes the contract management landscape with its AI capabilities, delivering precision, efficiency, and insights that empower confident decision-making in the realm of contracts and negotiations.

Best AI Tools for M&A Legal and Compliance - eBrevia by DFIN


Elevating Contract Analytics with AI

eBrevia, the forefront AI-powered contract analytics solution, has set a new standard in the domain of contract review and management. Driven by a blend of machine learning and natural language processing technology, eBrevia swiftly extracts crucial provisions and data points from contracts and documents, reshaping the landscape of contract review, management, due diligence, compliance, and lease abstraction.


The AI-powered contract review process with eBrevia is a paradigm shift, embracing the era of collaborative intelligence. It empowers users to effortlessly extract vital provisions and data points from numerous documents, leaving behind the laborious and error-prone manual review process. eBrevia’s AI prowess stems from its unique amalgamation of natural language processing technology and machine learning. Drawing insights from an extensive repository of legal documents, the AI-powered contract analysis software deciphers language patterns and identifies pivotal concepts within the documents.

What sets eBrevia apart:

  • 30% to 90% Time Savings: Significantly accelerates processes, reducing time consumption.
  • At Least 10 – 60% More Accurate: Demonstrates consistent precision compared to manual reviews.
  • Self-Training by Non-Tech Professionals: Empowers users to effortlessly extract custom terms, regardless of their technical background.

Key Features:

  • Fast & Accurate: Scan over 50 documents within a minute.
  • Efficient: Perform tasks 30%-90% faster compared to manual reviews.
  • Intuitive: Easily capture essential information.
  • Connected: Choose between same-day deployment through the cloud solution or on-premise, and customize integration with an open API.
  • Secure: Benefit from round-the-clock support by expert project managers well-versed in your industry.

In the realm of M&A-related services, eBrevia brings an innovative approach to due diligence. It harnesses the power of AI and machine learning to automate contract review, ensuring speed, security, and accuracy. The AI-powered legal and regulatory compliance software adeptly extracts content from legal documents, populates due diligence summary templates, and guides attorneys directly to the most relevant sections of contracts. This approach equips you with the ability to navigate M&A negotiations swiftly and confidently, saving time and costs while improving your overall approach to deal-making. eBrevia transforms the M&A landscape, making reviews more efficient, issue tracking easier, and costs more manageable, ultimately enhancing your position during negotiations.

Best AI Tools for M&A Legal and Compliance - ContractPodAi


Pioneering Legal AI and Contract Lifecycle Management

ContractPodAi ushers in the future of legal practices, harnessing the transformative power of AI into a legal and compliance tool, to address critical challenges, optimize operational efficiency, and keep ahead of dynamic change.

Meet Leah: Your Generative AI-Powered Legal Assistant

Enter the future prepared with Leah Legal Copilot, a creation of ContractPodAi’s AI experts. Leah redefines how corporations and law firms deliver legal services, offering powerful and secure GenAI capabilities that bring impact without compromise to the legal industry.

AI-Driven Contract Lifecycle Management

Unleash the potential of your vital business relationships with ContractPodAi’s intuitive CLM platform. Seize control of the complete contract management process and leverage robust analytics to streamline operations, expedite growth, and mitigate risks effectively.

Enterprise Legal Intake

Harness ContractPodAi’s out-of-the-box legal intake solution to efficiently manage legal intake requests, automating processes for unparalleled productivity gains. Transition from chaos to comprehensive control with this innovative tool.

ContractPodAi's Unique Customer Outcomes

ContractPodAi not only realizes an impressive 26% annual ROI increase but also elevates revenue with its advanced contract automation capabilities. With a simple click, ContractPodAi facilitates agreement translation in over 60 languages. Average contract negotiation time is reduced by one hour per contract, thanks to ContractPodAi’s efficiency.

Strategic Partnerships

ContractPodAi has collaborated with IBM Watson to create the foremost AI-driven legal compliance software for contract analysis. Leveraging IBM Watson’s market-leading cognitive technology, machine learning, and natural language processing, ContractPodAi delivers unparalleled contract analysis accuracy.


As the world’s #1 CRM solution, Salesforce now offers the ContractPodAi CLM system as a native application on both the Classic and Lightning versions through the Salesforce AppExchange store, benefiting Salesforce customers.


Built on Microsoft technologies and hosted on Microsoft Azure’s best-in-class cloud infrastructure, ContractPodAi ensures customers enjoy the advantages of cloud computing, including enhanced security, speed, reliability, and cost-efficiency.

Revolutionizing Regulatory Compliance and Risk Management Enterprise Edition is a cutting-edge AI regulatory compliance and risk management solution designed to empower organizations in their compliance journey. This AI-powered tool leverages purpose-built machine learning models to automatically track changes in the regulatory landscape, aligning them with your internal policies, procedures, and controls. With its Bring Your Own Content (BYOC) capabilities and role-specific dashboards, this tool becomes indispensable for professionals across departments such as risk management, legal, audit, human resources, and compliance.

Unlike conventional approaches that are often costly, time-consuming, and prone to errors, Enterprise Edition adopts a patented expert-in-the-loop (EITL) machine learning approach. This approach not only analyzes regulatory activities but also enriches them, contributing to the continuous improvement of your compliance lifecycle. By reducing regulatory risk and optimizing your compliance processes, it paves the way for business growth.

Unlocking a World-Class Regulatory Change Management Solution

In an era of rapid regulatory changes, financial services enterprises face the challenge of managing a burgeoning volume of financial regulatory information. The absence of automation in regulatory change management can impede an organization’s ability to ensure that it’s handling legal, risk, and compliance activities appropriately. steps in to address this crucial concern by offering an AI-powered, expert-managed regulatory change management software tailored for financial services enterprises. By automating regulatory change processes, it empowers legal, risk, and compliance teams to streamline compliance, mitigate risks, reduce costs, and gain the confidence needed to ensure compliance.

Overcoming the Hurdles in Regulatory Change Management

Traditional approaches to identifying and tracking regulatory changes often fall short, leading to several challenges:


  • The Risk of Missing Regulations: Relying on internet searches, spreadsheets, emails, and countless meetings can result in missing critical updates from the complex web of regulatory agencies and jurisdictions.
  • Costly and Time-Consuming Reviews: Manually reviewing every new document can be both expensive and time-consuming, with a significant portion of updates often proving irrelevant.
  • Documentation Oversights: New obligations may get lost in spreadsheets and emails, potentially leading to findings during audits and exams, or even enforcement actions.
  • Uncertainty in Compliance Status: Difficulty in tracking tasks related to policy and control updates can undermine management’s confidence in the firm’s compliance status.’s Enterprise Edition emerges as a game-changer for AI tools for legal and regulatory compliance by addressing these pain points and offering a sophisticated solution to navigate the complex landscape of regulatory compliance and risk management. It not only enhances efficiency but also ensures that financial services enterprises are well-prepared to face the challenges of the digital age.

Best AI Tools for M&A Legal and Compliance - Clausematch


Revolutionizing Regulatory Compliance with Clausematch

Clausematch, a dynamic company with a dedicated team and strong investor backing, is on a mission to transform regulatory compliance and help organizations operate securely while bringing compliant products to market. As a global regulatory technology (RegTech) SaaS provider, their AI regulatory compliance platform empowers companies to collaborate and seamlessly manage various compliance documents in real time. With an emphasis on transparency, the platform offers a complete audit trail, live insights, advanced metadata, AI-powered mapping and tagging, intelligent suggestions, and streamlined workflows, leading to more robust governance.


Imagine Google Docs for compliance, but with enhanced capabilities. Clausematch enables real-time collaboration, creating a single source of truth and allowing content to be mapped down to the paragraph level, ensuring constant awareness of necessary changes for compliance. This AI tool has proven instrumental for clients in shortening workflows, cutting document review and approval times in half, and generating instant real-time audit trails and reports. Notably, it has led to substantial cost savings of up to 30%, building trust with governing bodies and the board.

Match AI: Your AI-Powered Document Assistant

Clausematch offers Match AI, a personalized AI assistant designed to simplify document consumption, creation, and management. This AI tool provides a variety of features:


  • Instant Answers: Match AI helps users quickly find answers and guidance within the Policy Portal, eliminating the need for time-consuming searches.
  • Knowledge Acceleration: With AI-powered tools, users can build expertise faster, accessing specific answers and tapping into company knowledge.
  • Efficient Digestion: Match AI can summarize large volumes of text and document changes, making it easier and quicker to understand critical concepts.
  • Task Prioritization: It highlights the documents that require review and specifies the relevant paragraphs, simplifying the to-do list.
  • Content Clarification: Users can inquire about specific terms or content, and Match AI provides clarifications.
  • Smart Document Creation: Match AI offers an AI-powered writing assistant that streamlines the document drafting process with smart suggestions.
  • Proofreading Assistance: Leverage AI insights to identify contradictions and gaps in your documents.
  • Efficient Data Capture: Match AI can auto-fill metadata fields, simplifying the process of adding information.
  • Instant Translation: Translate documents instantly, facilitating communication between users who speak different languages.
  • Streamlined Document Management: Match AI helps users stay updated on platform activities, ensures content adheres to policy requirements, and identifies duplicated content for improved efficiency.


Clausematch and its Match AI tool are poised to revolutionize compliance management and document handling, offering a smart, efficient, and cost-effective solution for organizations navigating the complexities of regulatory compliance.

Best AI Tools for M&A Legal and Compliance - KonaAI


Where AI Meets Compliance Excellence with AI-Driven Solutions

KonaAI stands at the forefront of AI-driven solutions for anti-corruption, risk, and compliance professionals. They offer a user-friendly AI legal and regulatory compliance software, and a versatile, secure deployment options that empower fact-based decisions, with a keen focus on risk areas that hold paramount importance for both regulators and businesses.

The Four Pillars of KonaAI

  • AI-Driven Proven Results: KonaAI employs established models that have been rigorously tested in real-world scenarios and validated by academia.
  • Easy-To-Use, Intuitive User Interfaces: Their commitment to transparency is reflected in their user-friendly tools that enhance key business practices.
  • Flexible Deployment Models: KonaAI provides a range of deployment options, including cloud-based, on-client premises, software-as-a-service, and via channel partners, ensuring adaptability to your unique needs.
  • Focused on the Risk Issues That Matter: KonaAI’s expertise extends across corruption, sanctions, trade compliance, anti-fraud, anti-trust, and financial crimes.

Rapidly Deployable in Weeks

KonaAI’s efficiency is evident in their ability to get your operations up and running in less than 30 days. Their AI legal compliance software covers risk assessment across various domains:


  • Vendor 360 Module: Measuring risky payments.
  • Customer 360 Module: Evaluating risky sales.
  • Employee 360 Module: Monitoring risky travel and entertainment expenses.

Security by Design

KonaAI prioritizes the security of your information assets. Their platform combines cutting-edge technology with industry-leading security standards and offers:


  • Integrated data protection and data privacy.
  • Segregated client environments.
  • Secure cloud deployment.
  • End-to-end encryption.
  • User-defined access controls and privileged environments.

Data Management and Analytics

KonaAI seamlessly handles data management and analytics:


  • Automated Data Management: Connect safely and securely with numerous data sources, including structured, semi-structured, and unstructured data, with connectors available for major ERP systems like SAP, Oracle, JD Edwards, and Peoplesoft.
  • Data Analytics: Utilize prescriptive risk scoring powered by hundreds of tests and machine learning models to identify and score data associated with entities, vendors, transactions, employees, and customers across various risk scenarios.

Business Insights and Workflow Management

KonaAI offers executive-level dashboard reporting for Internal Audit, Compliance, and Legal, enabling data-driven decision-making by senior-level executives. Their workflow and case manager helps convert insights into actions, guiding investigations and enabling full collaboration.

Client-Centric Deployment Options

While KonaAI is a cloud-first application, they provide multiple deployment options, including cloud, on-premises, and desktop for exporting analytics results, dashboards, and case documents for field audits and investigations.


KonaAI’s commitment to combining AI-driven excellence with rigorous compliance standards positions them as a key player in the world of anti-corruption, risk management, and compliance solutions.

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