Best AI Tools for M&A Valuation and Pricing

Best AI Tools for M&A Valuation and Pricing


Determining the right valuation and pricing is a critical aspect of M&A. AI tools specializing in this domain utilize advanced algorithms to analyze financial data, market conditions, and industry benchmarks. These tools provide accurate and data-driven insights to guide informed decisions on M&A valuation and pricing strategies.

Best AI Tools for Valuation and Pricing

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Best AI Tools for M&A Valuation and Pricing - S&P Global Market Intelligence

S&P Global Market Intelligence

The Preeminent Global Credit Rating Agency

S&P Global Market Intelligence, operating as a subsidiary of S&P Global, has established itself as a leading source of meticulously accurate, in-depth, and illuminating information. Their primary objective centers on the seamless fusion of financial and industry data, research, and news into state-of-the-art tools aimed at empowering investment professionals, government entities, corporations, and universities across the globe. This comprehensive approach facilitates well-informed decision-making for M&A valuation in both the business and financial realms.


With a rich history that spans over 160 years, S&P Global has consistently held a prominent position as a provider of credit ratings, benchmarks, and analytics within the worldwide capital and commodity markets. Additionally, they offer holistic ESG solutions and provide profound insights into pivotal business elements.


A notable recent addition to their portfolio is the AI-driven workflow tool seamlessly integrated into S&P Capital IQ Pro, a development that substantially enhances search and analytics functionalities. Crafted through a collaborative alliance with Kensho Technologies, this tool equips users with the means to adeptly navigate and extract valuable insights from extensive textual content, encompassing filings, transcripts, and presentations. This newfound capability enables timely and fact-based analysis that can aid in M&A valuation and pricing.


Additionally, S&P Capital IQ Pro stands out with real-time market monitoring, robust screening functionalities, advanced data visualization, and mobile accessibility. It solidifies its position as an indispensable platform for market participants, streamlining the research and analysis processes with the infusion of intelligence and efficiency.

Key Features:

  • Improved search capabilities enabled by AI
  • Personalized News Page experience
  • Extractable tables from Investment Research to streamline workflow processes
  • Enhanced Financial Multiples dataset with charting capabilities
  • New Mapping functionality that enables customizable data visualizations of key locations
  • Further extension of ChartIQ visualizations and charting to new areas of the platform
Best AI Tools for M&A Valuation and Pricing - FactSet


Innovative Solutions That Put Your Needs First

FactSet distinguishes itself as a forward-thinking provider of solutions that prioritize the needs of its clients, particularly in M&A valuation and pricing. Serving an extensive global network of nearly 8,000 financial services firms, FactSet is unwavering in its commitment to helping clients surmount diverse workflow challenges. These encompass a wide spectrum, spanning from Data Solutions and ESG Investing to Investment Research, Portfolio Analytics, Portfolio Management, Quantitative Research, and Wealth Management.


At the heart of FactSet’s offerings lies a focus on industry-leading data, seamlessly integrated technology, and adaptable solutions meticulously crafted to elevate the efficiency of work processes. The breadth of their services is securely delivered across a spectrum of environments, including private, hybrid, and public cloud setups. This ensures that clients experience not only enhanced scalability and agility but also seamless integration and content delivery with proprietary or hosted systems. In addition, FactSet simplifies the distribution of data and analytics across organizations, making use of leading third-party public cloud providers for a smooth and efficient process.


Notably, FactSet leverages cutting-edge AI and machine learning technology to enhance their services. Their cognitive computing technology harnesses the power of artificial intelligence, machine learning, and data science, resulting in enhanced datasets and predictive insights. This enables clients to access the right information precisely when they need it, thanks to intelligent document workflows, personalization, and machine learning services offered through APIs like NER (Named Entity Recognition).


FactSet goes a step further to boost productivity by incorporating Generative AI into their services. This integration significantly reduces the time and effort required for research and data analysis for M&A valuation and pricing. Clients benefit from optimized solutions encompassing data extraction, natural language understanding for search and chat, text generation, text summarization, and sentiment analysis, all seamlessly integrated into FactSet’s digital platform.

Best AI Tools for M&A Valuation and Pricing - Bloomberg


Premier Source of Business and Financial Information

Bloomberg stands as a global leader in business and financial information, championing the cause of delivering trustworthy data, news, and insights that inject transparency, efficiency, and fairness into the world’s markets. This esteemed company excels at facilitating connections among influential communities via the global financial landscape. Bloomberg achieves this through the deployment of dependable technology solutions, empowering its clientele to craft more informed decisions and nurture improved collaboration.


Enter BloombergGPT, a colossal 50-billion parameter large language model meticulously designed from the ground up to cater to the intricate world of finance. This bespoke language model, BloombergGPT, outshines its similarly-sized open counterparts when it comes to financial natural language processing tasks. It does so by impressive margins, all the while maintaining exceptional performance on general large language model benchmarks.


BloombergGPT is more than just an impressive model; it represents a significant leap forward in artificial intelligence (AI) for the financial sector, and particularly for M&A valuation and pricing. This extensive language model has undergone specialized training using a vast array of financial data, rendering it equipped to tackle a diverse array of natural language processing tasks within the financial industry. Recent strides in AI grounded in large language models have opened new horizons for various domains, but the nuances and complexities of finance necessitate a domain-specific model. BloombergGPT serves as the initial foray into this cutting-edge technology’s development and application for the financial sphere. It promises to enhance existing financial natural language processing tasks, including sentiment analysis, named entity recognition, news classification, and question answering, among others. Beyond these improvements, BloombergGPT holds the key to unlocking fresh possibilities, enabling Bloomberg to harness the wealth of data available on the Bloomberg Terminal in a more effective manner. In doing so, it ushers in the full potential of AI for the financial domain.


Bloomberg has a longstanding legacy of pioneering the use of AI, machine learning, and natural language processing in the realm of finance for over a decade. The company currently supports a broad and diverse array of natural language processing tasks that will substantially benefit from a finance-aware language model. Bloomberg’s research team took an innovative approach by amalgamating financial data with general-purpose datasets to train a model that excels in financial benchmarks, all while maintaining competitive performance on general large language model benchmarks.


This monumental achievement was only possible through a collaborative effort between Bloomberg’s ML Product and Research group and the AI Engineering team. Together, they crafted one of the most extensive domain-specific datasets to date, leveraging Bloomberg’s vast resources for data creation, collection, and curation. Over a span of forty years, Bloomberg’s data analysts have gathered and meticulously maintained financial language documents. Drawing from this extensive archive, they produced a comprehensive 363 billion token dataset comprised of English financial documents. To enrich this dataset further, a 345 billion token public dataset was integrated, resulting in a vast training corpus boasting over 700 billion tokens. Utilizing a segment of this corpus, the team proceeded to train a 50-billion parameter decoder-only causal language model. This remarkable model underwent validation against preexisting finance-specific NLP benchmarks, a suite of Bloomberg’s internal benchmarks, and a wide array of general-purpose NLP tasks drawn from popular benchmarks. Notably, BloombergGPT stands out by outperforming similarly-sized open models in financial tasks by substantial margins while concurrently matching or surpassing them in general NLP benchmarks.

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