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The IMAA-Institute offers a broad range of M&A Statistics, M&A research, M&A Publications, M&A Books and News. Just become free member to get full access to all Data of IMAA.

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Datasources and network

The Institute for Mergers, Acquisitions and Alliances has the worlds largest free-of-charge M&A Statistics database. Our faculty are the authors of many leading M&A books. Thats why IMAA is frequently covered in the news world wide.



The IMAA-Institute publishes publications and reports by themselves or partner companies around the topic of M&A.

Books and Articles

The IMAA-Institutes faculty members published a wide range of M&A books.


The IMAA-Institute provides you with the latest news in the area of M&A.

M&A Statistics

The M&A Statistics section of IMAA-Institute is by far the worlds greates free up-to-date statistics database.

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