Sultan Alrammah

I decided to join this course when I shifted my career from Project Management to Mergers and Acquisitions Department in Saudi Aramco. The course served as a cornerstone for my M&A knowledge. It was great to interact with high-caliber M&A professionals; hearing their stories and how they guided/evolved their personal experiences into published guidelines, rules … Read more

Enrique G. Chavez Montes

I decided to enroll in the M&AP program because I wanted to deepen my knowledge of all the processes involved in an M&A transaction as well as learn about global best practices in these processes, in the same way, to hear the various practical experiences of other participants. The course was very complete, addressed with … Read more

Andre Hamilton

I chose to pursue the IM&A and M&AP programs in order to gain knowledge that would allow me to better identify the tools necessary to enhance the value-add components of the merger and acquisition process. I wanted to sharpen my vantage point of the entire acquisition process from both a macro and micro level. These … Read more

Ronaldi Wisastra

The course content is wonderful. The assignments, case studies, stretched me to dig deep into the work I did in the past or the current client I am working with and have put a different lens on the learning and the work I do. The contents are recently updated and relevant to the current situation. … Read more

Walt Bowman

After researching for on-line certification courses, I came across IMAA. I was very impressed with the credentials of the instructors and the employment backgrounds of certificate holders who supplied testimonials. It also provides a holistic approach to Mergers and Acquisitions worldwide. I found the on-line content to be excellent and very convenient for me to … Read more

Colleen Murray

I was in a search of M&A training to enhance my overall knowledge on all aspects of M&A from the stage of initial business strategy to post merger integration. I was impressed with the course contents of the IM&A and M&AP programs, the collection of data on global M&As and the access to resources via … Read more

Hannah Barber

I decided to enroll in the M&AP program to further my knowledge and skill set in the entire transaction process of mergers & acquisitions. By having a certification in M&A from a recognized program like IMAA has helped me by gaining a better understanding how to manage the complexities of the M&A process in terms … Read more

Navdeep Singh

Integration is a critical activity in M&A, which can either create unprecedented value for an organization or can lead to negative value creation. I found the course from IMAA, to be a complete package covering all aspects of integration. For an Integration lead, it is crucial to realize that integration success is not only limited … Read more

Awais Dilawer

I wanted to have a formal certification in M&A provided by a recognised Institute like IMAA. The course content was quite informative and really helps me in my projects. I got rich information related to the due diligence, processes for merging or acquiring other firms, financial valuation of companies and finally how to successfully integrate … Read more

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